5 Things to Consider When Converting Your Baby’s Nursery to a Kids’ Room

5 Things to Consider When Converting Your Baby’s Nursery to a Kids’ Room

Is your baby getting too big for his or her nursery? As sad as it sounds, it is the right time to design their ultimate toddler room. Here are some great things to consider before you design the room.

Talk to Your Child

Start with talking to your child and considering his or her wants and needs. Talk about the colours they want on the walls, if they need a specific theme, what movie character they like and everything else. Make sure to consult your kid even if you are hiring yourself an interior designer because you do not want the personality of the child clashing with the end result and thus resenting the new room. Plus this is a great way to value the decisions of your child and give them importance. If she or he does not have any idea what they like you can look up for ideas online or you can talk to your interior designer.

Think About the Educational Aspect

Make sure your child’s room is a place where he or she would love to spend time in as well as do their homework. You can blend in the educational supplies in the room with the fun and playful features. Do not forget to include a whiteboard in the room. If you are planning to DIY a whiteboard, you can purchase whiteboard paint and finish the project over a weekend. Do not limit the study material to one corner, or she or he might end up resenting that corner. Mix and match and balance things out. Blend the fun with education. This means you might not want to include the whiteboard area right near the study table.

Know Your Child

Is your kid the type to change his mind a lot? There is no point in painting a batman on the ceiling or decorating the room with a princess Cinderella theme if your child changes their mind quickly. If they request for it badly you can go ahead with printed stickers. You can get them printed from outside, paste it and take them off when they change their minds.

Add a Wall Art Corner

There is always a little artist in every child. And it is very common for them to get busy with a bunch of crayons. Set up a place to hang their wall art. Also, if you are looking at interior design type wall art, you can set up a frame and canvas and let them paint one on their own. Let them be creative and paint whatever they want and you can hang that above their bed. It will also add a great focal point to the room. Plus there is a personal touch too!

Leave a Play Area

Your toddler might need a play area more than anything else. Set apart an area and include his or her favourite toys in that corner. You can put down a cosy and a fluffy rug or a mat for the little one to sit down and play on.

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